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A small district in Pennsylvania known for being predominantly white, spending more money on sports fields than school supplies, and crashing cars into houses.
Steve: Want to go to Upper Perk this weekend?
John: Bro, where even is that?
by Ngrglue August 06, 2016
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A small and cheap district in southeastern Pennsylvania. Many of it's residents do drugs or are lazy, racist, and unsuccessful. It is only really known for crimes that occur, such as a killing spree, drug busts, and pedophiles.
Person 1: Where did you grow up?
Person 2: Upper Perk.
Person 1: Huh? Oh you mean that place with the murder spree last year?
by girl anonymous December 03, 2016
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*That* school, the high school in which there's fires, mold, bed bugs, & vaping presentations, all in the course of the first 5 weeks. Spin the wheel to find out what'll happen next week on "Only Upper Perk"!

Oh and now there's supposedly snakes at one of the elementary schools. For F@#%'s sake...
Steve: Ya wanna go to the football game at Upper Perk tonight?
Chad: Upper Perk... Oh... That school...
Steve: Yeah let's not...
Chad: ...
Steve: ...
by Spicy Memelord October 01, 2018
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Like the other two definitions have stated, Upper Perk is a small school district in rural Pennsylvania. If you’re reading this you either go to Upper perk and want to see how people defined it, you live near it, or you have no idea what it is. Upper Perk is predominately white, I believe about 91% white (so not very diverse). The school is a place where the bathrooms are really used for juuling rather than it’s original purpose. The students can mostly be separated into two categories; those who are either racist, lazy, unmotivated, rednecks, or stoners, or then there are those who are smart, motivated (at least somewhat), and want to do something successful with their lives. In the end, as a student you either end up staying in Upper Perk forever, or are continuously drawn back to it, or you try to get away from it. As much as we may complain about our school district, most of us realize it’s actually not all that bad. There are perks to going to a small school in a rural location.
Student: I hate Upper Perk. I want to move away.
Other Student: Bro, you’d die in another school. It’s really not that bad.
by upperperkstudent July 05, 2018
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