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When one is not socially and politically aware. (Not woke)
Luke is so unwoke, he thinks mullets are still in style
by Tyrone_blackdude February 22, 2017
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*The Smosh squad is playing The Who know me best challenge, question- What is Courtney’s biggest fear*

Olivia writes being unwoke

Courtney chooses Olivia’s answer because they are besties and that is Courtney’s biggest fear- Courtney hopes to never be unwoke.
by Koalalover0613 June 27, 2018
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A person that is not sufficiently enlightened to conform to every aspect of progressive thought. Such an individual might question whether there really are 112 different genders, or that maybe things in socialist Venezuela might not be all that fantastic. Such people might also be skeptical about the ability to predict what the weather might be one hundred years from now when they seem to get it wrong about this Wednesday.
Mike makes up his own mind about political issues rather than processing everything through a leftist political filter. Mike is unwoke.
by PBSPinchback May 30, 2018
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