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unpimp (v): To destroy something that has been overly accessorized. Phrase introduced by US Volkswagon commercials in response to slew of "Pimp my ..." programs
Chris just spent $5000 and two years putting all that bling and fins on his Corolla, but it took his ex-girlfriend just 10 minutes and a crow bar to unpimp his ride.
by DCPY September 21, 2006
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Unpimp, someone who is un cool, un fashionable, just plan boring. You would have to have been living under a rock for 50 years to be truely unpimp. The word originated in france as one pimp, but it has been used as a insult after being misuderstood by an australian. Thus creating the word, which is now used in all normal Australian households. Also see loser
El was so incrediably unpimp i had to slap her. After my amazingly pimp body touched her, she instantly realised that she was unpimp and decided to spend the rest of her days selling death sticks and re-thinking her life.
by Master Apps July 18, 2005
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