1. The act of one person speaking to hirself.

2. Speaking to a party not visibly present.

3. The act of speaking aloud to focus or confirm understanding of information; for example while working or driving.

Other popular forms: unicates, unicating, unicater, unicated, unication
When I'm doing my homework alone, I tend to unicate at my desk.

Did you see that woman walking down the street unicating!?

That unicater is making me blush!

He performed unication repeatedly in his bedroom thinking no one was home.
by Hanikara May 1, 2013
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unice is a caring person. she is outgoing beyond compare and can always make your day in a heart beat. and she is very strong she mighty have a hard life deep down but she’ll never show it unless your rlly close to her . unice may not be perfect looking but she is a fun, loving, and caring best friend to have. any chance you can to be friends with unice take it. she isn’t as popular as most but she is a great friend. she’ll stick with you through hard times and won’t ever let you down. overall, unice is a fun, caring, loving, crazy friend to have. and also if u date her u won’t regret it bc she’ll love you with all her heart
girl: “omg unice is my best friend

girl 2: “no she’s my best friend”
by maya_•_emo April 26, 2019
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You spelled it wrong.

See eunuch.
unic? What were you thinking spelling eunuch u-n-i-c?!
by hhhmmmm July 12, 2006
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A place people go to waste their time for paper that they won't even use.
Person1: Bro can you borrow me money
Person2: sorry I can't, I've unicaled it away
by Thatboredguywith10" July 5, 2019
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A pretty girls-name. A Unice often has a hot body. If you are so lucky to get with her, you should respect her, because this girl aint cheap!
by Sonybaby May 8, 2009
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A man without testicles. This word may even apply to a person without even a penis.
"You wouldn't happen to be a unic by chance, would'ja mate?"
by Dave January 17, 2004
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A man without a set of genitalia, not to be confused with Eunuch, which is a man without a set of Testicles
A Unic would often die after the operation because he could not pee.
by Skywiz September 19, 2007
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