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1. a unibrow that is so large it consumes most of the forehead. Individuals who have unibushes usually are unaware of their deformity.
2. a unibrow that is so expansive, it is impossible for one to look away.
The Geiko caveman has a huge unibush.
by kari and maddie of 112 September 23, 2006
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Noun: A pubic bush so large that the frontal portion connects to the taint and then along to the rectal area. Usually found among the less hygienic exotic dancers or simply among women that have 'given up'.

Many times found in conjunction with a fupa.
1. I should've never brought home that heffer last night, once I got her pants down I had a huge unibush staring me in the face. I couldn't comb through it to determine which hole I was going for! And I thought unibrows were bad!

2. Careful bringing home that girl with a fupa, you can bet that she'll have a unibush as well!
by BiggunBuddy December 07, 2012
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