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You will typically hear an uneducated retard use this word because he/she does not have the brain power to formulate a word such as: "ugly," or "unattractive."
Jay (Retard friend): "Yo, that girl is unhot."

You: "You mean ugly? You stupid fuck."
by thefapfather September 05, 2020
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When you think up something brilliantly righteous while baked.
X: I had this great highdea last night
Y: You clearly were philosopher stoned.
by TripleWest September 03, 2012
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someone who is not cute, pretty, and especially likeable...preferably an ex gf or bf. many a time you see them them walking down the street on your way to work or school, and they have this sort of strut, except they look really tacky and NOT HOT (sometimes stalkerish)
ShAZAN (pointing to ugly ass guy who keeps staring at her): oh
Lord, that is sooo unhot...

Ayeaye: ShAZAN, hahaha, he is soooo ugly, what a stalker, " hey ugly stop staring!!!"
by Shazakistan August 28, 2006
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