What a student says when they don’t like something... even if mentioned on the Syllabus... a hundred times!
Student: It’s unfair that I got a lower grade for not showing up to class on time... I mean, it’s a 9am class? Who goes anywhere at 9am?
by FegelFatso May 03, 2019
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(a) The state of being unfair.
(b) Not getting what you want and crying about it to no avail.
(PaRaNOiA^got-noob): so give me my chanserv
(PaRaNOiA^got-noob): or ill report unfairity to gamesurge
by SteelRain June 25, 2004
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Unfairism is when someone acts unfairly a repeated amount of time.
Mille abuses will all the time, will says one thing back millie gets mad. That is unfairism from millie
by the creater of unfairism May 16, 2021
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The common excuse that unfair people make to justify their actions.
Younger kid: "Wow, Mom! Thanks for the new personal television set!"

Mom: "Your welcome!"

Older kid: "Mom! Why do they get a television set and not me? It's unfair!"

Mom: "Well life is unfair! Deal with it!"
by Zukoyun January 30, 2014
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Noun: Otherwise known as arcane enchanted or arcane needle in popular dungeon crawler Diablo 3, these lasers of hell cause great damage and are sometimes impossible to avoid, leaving the player to question whether stacking toughness instead of dexterity is a smart choice of action.
Son of a fucking bitch, these blues are spawning unfair lasers.
by Sausageleigh June 19, 2014
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To have your social networking profile banned (or smyffed) for no apparent reason other than living life.

Usually occurs when the network administrators take their rules too literally i.e.

1. Having too many friends
2. Being a member of a banned group
3. Sending too many messages
4. Not using your profile much

Can also occur when a third party asks you to shut your profile down, such as your employer when they think you are networking in work time.
DAVE: Well done John for getting smyffed.

JOHN: Thanks Dave, but that wasn't my intention. I was catching up with friends on Facebook during my lunch break, and before you know it, I'm dragged into the office and given a bollocking!

DAVE: Sorry to here that John. What occured?

JOHN: Well they forced me to close my account or lose my job.....I had to close my account of course 'cos I have a family to feed. I have a lawyer on the case though......we're taking them to court on the grounds of unfair dismyffal.

DAVE: Good luck with that....gotta go.....tell me all about it on Twitter later on!!
by Mahabarat March 16, 2010
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Going to a job fair but coming home with no results.
I see an advertisement for a local job unfair.
by JoeNJ2 February 26, 2011
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