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When you walk into a room (most often the kitchen) and it's disturbingly obvious that someone just opened the trash lid, if only for a second, and let out a gas cloud of nastiness.

Usually this occurs when everybody in your shared apartment thinks it's someone else's job this month to change the kitchen trash bag.
Dude I just walked through the nastiest trash-fart in the kitchen! Who threw something away??

Man I think those girls left your party because I threw away my takeout boxes and the wretched trash-fart almost killed their friend.

If someone doesn't change the trashbag in this bitch soon, we're all gonna die from the trash farts! Whose month is it?
by sumpin_speshal August 15, 2009
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(adj) Remark about something that is fucked up when fucked up isn't cool enough, can't be said aloud without a parental shitstorm, or simply won't do.
Past-tense of the first letter of the word Fuck.
see also: F'd up.
That is really effed up how your parents are listening to our phone conversation. I was hoping we was gonna talk nasty before I eat dinner.
by sumpin_speshal December 10, 2008
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Someone who is so drunk that they seem to have joined the realm of the undead. Symptoms include staring forward dumbassedly, drooling, not hearing a damn thing you're saying, or walking slowly with arms outstretched through the beer cooler isle. -- In extreme instances they are known to fall down and get back up over and over, as if impervious to pain, as they stumble towards their next victim (i.e. six-pack).
Person #1 "How drunk were you?"
Person #2 "I was so drunk that I pretty much died. But I was still somehow walking around, trying to walk to the end of the cold beverages area of the quickie mart."
Person #1 "Oh, you were undrunk!"
by sumpin_speshal October 17, 2009
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