Sexual Act.

When a man is fucking a colostomy hole of a female or male. Followed up by the one who's hole is being fucked to grab the shit covered dick and suck it clean and until completion. At which point they swallow the filthy dirty load with joy.
Her asshole was sewn shut but i still wanted anal, so I gave her a Philadelphia sidecar and she went all the way to giving me a Philadelphia cheesesteak.
by CptchucklesE620 April 6, 2019
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Gettin a blowjob while taking a deuce. Instead of cumming in her mouth, you cum on the deuce, then she eats it... Philadelphia Cheesesteak Blumpkin!
Anything new Charlie? Eh, not too much Rick. I did finally get a slut from the club to do a Philadelphia Cheesesteak Blumpkin! Dude you are the man! I know, the best part was she's your sister! You BASTARD!
by King of the blumps May 1, 2009
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