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Term for Mexican criminals violating US immigration laws. Associated with the liberal strategy to create guilt for any American that wants to secure the nations borders. Also used to grossly disguise the truth.
Guy 1: Hey, that mexican is running across the border fence, he must be an illegal immigrant.

Guy 2: No, he is an undocumented immigrant.

Guy1: Hey, that that dude is aggressively trying rape those children, he must be a predatory pedophile.

Guy 2: No, the is a overly enthusiastic child aficionado.
by Steveinoregon May 03, 2006
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Mexican warrior ready to drug us to later kill us.

Guy- Welcome to the Hispanic States of America (formerly USA), man
undocumented- Un gringo!!!!.... te voy a matar y luego violar detestable hombre blanco!!!!
Guy- aaaarrrg!!! A undocumented is killing and raping me!!!!!!
by Erick the patriot September 27, 2006
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