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Menstrual Outrage: The type of outrage that would be exhibited by a woman who is suffering from PMS. This outrage can be accompanied by crying, screaming, nagging, complaining, throwing of objects and much, much more.
Tom: Sally, dear, you look a bit under the weather.

Sally: Do I look sick to you?! Huh?! Huh?! You don't think I'm sexy any more!


Tom: Okay, okay, don't have a menstrage.
by JS-The-Man February 22, 2008
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Sexual encounters your friends or peers talk about that they had never participated in, or experienced.
Friend 1: ...and then after the blow job, Jenny and I totally did it until the morning.

Friend 2: Dude, your such a liar! James was totally telling me the same story.

Friend 3: That's such a sexual uncounter!

by JS-The-Man September 18, 2007
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