Bill cheats on his taxes, because he hates Uncle Sam taking his money.
by Alan May 9, 2004
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*A legendary figurehead of the United States. Although mythical, he is reported to have been a real person. Uncle Sam is basically a tall man with white hair (with a white goatee), dressed in the Red, White & Blue, with the Stars & Stripes as a huge hat. Uncle Sam, along with this description, is commonly portrayed as this old-looking, but tough-as-nails, figurehead pointing at you, the viewer of the poster, and below it he's saying "I Want You".
Uncle Sam basically represents the US Government, although he greatly represents the US Military.

*Sam Fisher's alias in a mission during Splinter Cell : Pandora Tomorrow.

*An appropriate name for anyone in the military named Sam. This name may not be appropriate for females named Sam though.
Libby-Lib : "*puts on Stars & Stripes hat and then points* I want you so I can screw your children over by sending them to ficticious wars!"
Me : "....not funny."

Me : "puts on Stars & Stripes hat and then points" I want you. ^.^
Hottie : "*has a confused look*"
by Dave June 29, 2004
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A man who was a meat checker in the Civil War who stamped safe meat with a stamp that said US as in United States, but that act what interpreted as Uncle Sam. They used him as a figurehead on posters for men to join the union army.

Also one of my relatives, whether you believe me or not.
Dude, did you see that poster in the hall? Uncle Sam wants me again! Freaking army men(:
by Erinnn(: March 5, 2009
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When you punch your partner in the nose, let it sit for a day or two so the face becomes black and blue (but we all know it's really just blue). Now that the bruise is fully colored, cum on your partner's face and punch him/her in the nose again, allowing a steady stream of blood to trickle down over the cum covered bruise. Thereby, beautifully making the colors of our American Flag.
I was getting bored of just a regular blowjob so I gave my partner "The Uncle Sam."
by JoZG September 2, 2008
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the only man not prosecutable for treason or war crimes
Person 1: Why is it the US can murder people in every country as they drive their institutions to starve and violate every human right of their own citizens?

person 2: Cuz it's the American dream to be able to do anything you can put your mind and wallet to. You know...Uncle Sam.
by United States of Notmyfault February 5, 2010
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The ultimate combo move. Instruct her to gargle blue Powerade when getting head than begin the procedure for a jelly doughnut. Make her laugh to create an angry dragon and finish by saluting and humming the star-spangled banner.
The uncle sam is my favourite patriotic theme sex move, even if it does turn her tongue blue.
by JDW May 3, 2005
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