Will's big fat 6'2" uncle on "Fresh Prince of Belair". He was raised out in the country became a lawyer and got filthy rich. He's the father of 4 kids; Hillary Banks, Carlton Banks, Ashley Banks, and Nicky Banks. Uncle Phil is a man of character and doesnt take any bs so on almost every episode you can see he always on the verge of beating the hell out of Will.
Will: "Oh my God Uncle got Dunlap Syndrome!"
Uncle Phil: "Whats that?"
Will: "It's when your stomach dun lapped ova your belt."
by vB006 September 21, 2005
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Will Smith's Uncle on the television series "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air". Also has an extreme obsession for turkey, pillowy mounds of mashed potatoes, butter drenched dressing, tiny onions, and cream sauce.
Uncle Phil: Oh my God... turkey. With... PILLOWY mounds of mashed po-taytoes. Butter drenched dressing. TINY ONIONS... swimming in a sea of cream sauce. Ahhh...
by Kadafi March 17, 2008
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will smiths uncle. he's cool. you remember on that episode of Family Matters...during the credits they did this little joke piece...Carl was sitting on the couch and Ritchie and a friend made like a bet...and then one of the two looks at carl and says something like.."you're right, he does look alot like uncle phil," and right away uncle phil opens the front door and kinda looks like he's thinking "what the hell is going on here?" And then Carl gets up and just starts laughing his ass off, and then they hug.
by Quaglin June 8, 2004
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The best uncle EVER. Every other uncle that thinks they are better is a f**k ni**a. He is buy many blacks and celebs.
"First things first, rest in peace Uncle Phil " J-Cole No Role Modelz
"Boy we do this s**t for real; all them boys in my will all them boys is my Wills (will smith) if anything happen to pop than I got you like Uncle Phil" Drake 5AM in Toronto
by ovothebest88 June 7, 2017
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(n.) a formidable fat-roll situated on the back of one's neck, reminiscent of the one that Uncle Phil had on the TV series, Fresh Prince of Bellaire. Easiest to identify when the possessor of the uncle phil has a shaven head or is bald.
I'm not too photogenic in this facebook pic.

--No, it's just not very flattering to see your head from behind-what with the uncle phil you have going on and everything.
by thecheftopus December 13, 2010
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A creeper who likes to molest his left hand man he's really gay too and makes love to his right hand man all time. He also has something to hide wink wink.
Whenever you you want to go in uncle phil's room please knock first unless you want to see him wanking it.
by Jazzy Geoffery Bean December 8, 2010
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LA Knight: I knew Will Smith was in the game, but I didn’t know Uncle Phil became a rapper.
by The Yeah Movement August 13, 2023
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