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Being an asshole to somebody for attention. Most people say it's a badass, but since they're not since whenever their comebacks/roasts don't work, they get really upset, when a true badass wouldn't even care.
Suzie: He asked me out and then I slapped him across the face and told him to fuck off!
Anna: HEHEHAHAHAH savage!
by unmanipulable March 8, 2018
High School Graduation is the bipolar day for everybody. Everybody has mixed feelings about this day. Usually you are really happy because of all of the shallow bitches or fuckboys you don't have to deal with anymore, and feel a sense of revenge because they've wasted all of their time trying to manipulate you. But also you feel really upset because you know it's the day that represents the last time you hanging out with your friends and close people. Once it's all over you usually miss high school and wish you could go back to this day with everybody else.
High school graduation is the day where your life takes a huge turn, both for the better and the worse.
by unmanipulable February 8, 2018
Being unapproachable means you're so hard to go up and talk to, usually because of your facial expression or body language (like mean mugging or having your arms crossed all the time). Most people are unapproachable without even realizing it.
I wanna talk to sam but she looks so unapproachable.
by unmanipulable February 16, 2018
In games, usually in shooters, it refers to the advantage that one is higher than their opponent. This is because the person who’s above the other looks down and the first thing he sees to shoot is the opponents head, while unfortunately for the person on the low ground, when he looks up his opponents head is covered by his legs and torso. It makes a big difference
In fortnite I had to build a huge tower to get the high ground.
by unmanipulable April 23, 2018