a pause while in the persons mind they try to create a lie to keep the other lies hidden up and not to get punished. eventually if their lie checks out they are living on a web of lies that eventually someone black mails them or it breaks and they are in a ton of trouble.
by strongopinions July 16, 2014
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person 1: whatcha doing
person 2: ummmmmm nothing
person 1: no really whatcha doing
person 2: ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm
by howisapseudonymahandle December 15, 2021
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What people text you when they are either confused or they think you’re weird.
Kid 1- “I just kissed Bob!”
Kid 2-“Ummmm. Bob is SO ugly, why would you kiss him?”
Kid 1-“.....”
by TrendySis March 1, 2019
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