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A play on the name of Ubuntu of the Linux operating system world. Meant to belittle it by associating it with the playful childish fruit drink.
I hear those idiots are running Umbongo server on their web servers
by linusandhisblanket March 01, 2011
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Some sort of fruit juice in a carton, as advertised on television in the mid 1980's in the UK.
'Umbongo, Umbongo, they drink it in the Congo.'
by Remus Shoreditch November 10, 2003
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An immaculate drink found deep in the heart of the Congo. Due to it's combined rarity and absurdly exquisite taste, it is currently the most expensive drink on the planet. As a result of this it is often drunk in combination with water to achieve a "percentile" level that is both affordable and adequately dilutes the sweet, juicy nectar to a point where drinking it is actually bearable - drinking 100% Um Bongo is not advisable, it is too tasty and will leave you wanting more, however due to it's extreme cost this may not be possible and can lead to a dangerous spiral into theft, prostitution, and eventual death.

Most commonly found in The Compound, Lobo
TOR member: "Oi Davy what percentile is that?"

Davy: "90%"

TOR member #1: "Fuck I'm hungover..."
TOR member #2 "Mate have some of my Um Bongo, but make sure you have it with ice, and I don't want the percentile any higher than 30%"
TOR member #1: "TOR"

by TOR representative February 24, 2014
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Racial slur given to a homosexual black man or the act of homosexual anal sex.
n. An umbongo
v. To umbongo
by Jeff24 December 19, 2004
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Um Bongo- it was a juice containing mixed tropical fruits such as Pineapple, Mango, Passion Fruit etc that was sold in cartons in the UK. It was the shitty drink that kids used to beg their moms to buy or use their 15p pocket money to buy it after school. It tasted like crap and the company stopped producing it whent hey realised it was so shit.
A) Hey, lets go buy some Um Bongo after school.
B) Alright! I mean it does taste like fruity piss but hey, its cheap so yeah.
by Bojan May 24, 2004
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Although Umbongo isn't actually a 'gay fucker' given his 'luck' (In the broadest possible sense) with women maybe it's an avenue he should consider pursuing.
"Hey, have you been to UK:R today? Umbongo had another date last night."

"Fuckin loser."
by Miles Pieri January 23, 2004
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