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Used to describe a homley, funny looking pet; usually a doggy or pussycat that is so ugly it's actually cute. You tend to feel sorry for this critter. The runt of the litter. Bull dogs, pugs, chihuahuas, manx and hairless cats come to mind.
Mr. Bigglesworth the hairless pussy cat in Austin Powers looked so freakish you couldn't help but go awww, he's so ugly cute.
by Zippyjet July 08, 2006
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A female that displays the following traits: compactness, non-conventional beauty, minimal to no make-up, not overly womanly, has a quirky charm, and appears timid or stand-offish initially. Once you're finally in her inner circle, you're really drawn but she rejects your advances. Does not mean "ugly". Synonymous with "adorable" and unrelated to ugly cute animals ex. pugs. Does not apply to men
Isabell is ugly cute! She wears maxi skirts and has cresent-eyes when smiling. I probably have no chance with her though but I really want to be her friend
by cuzimhappy11111 October 10, 2014
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