Über is a term in the australian dialect of english to discrible something; derived from german to mean "very, very", "super", "above" ect..
N.B. a Über versitile word
"omg that is Über cool"
"to your Über left"
"you Über stupid idiot"
"learn German; you can say Über more!"
"i Über love you, lets make Über sweet love"
"Über desu."
"Über desune"
by Über Ruku san August 25, 2006
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Above or extra in 1337 speak. Often used in front of cool.

See also 1337
"That's uber cool."
"Man, this level is uber hard."
by Uber Looz0r November 28, 2003
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Completely, totally, and utterly the defintion of something.
A prime example.
Dude, that friggin' thing was UBER amazing!
by Miss Kween November 25, 2008
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To fuck something up so badly that everyone hates you for your actions, and that which was fucked up cannot ever be righted.
Example 1:
Peter: John! You have Uber'd the WORLD with that mistake!
John: Oh f-

-World explodes-

Example 2:
Releasing unfinished software for greater than 2 times the cost of the finished product, and blaming your investors for it.

Refer to:
by Uberlulz June 26, 2013
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Something that fat German kids say; meaning super, very, etc...
I am uber hungry. I haven't eaten in two minutes.
by Anonymous May 18, 2003
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The app that took up your whole paycheck. Never drive with Uber. Just take the bus and deal with it.
I wish I never drove with Uber.
by ChristianQueen March 30, 2018
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A term to call a car and picks you up to take you to your destination.
Let's Uber it!
via giphy
by KDao18 January 04, 2017
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