Term used to accentuate, and emphasize the situation at hand.
1. Man, that food was good, like the dickens.

2. That girl is hot, like the dickens.

3. Oh boy, that stings like the dickens.
by Patrick Harris May 12, 2005
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Rough sex, usually with one male dominating the other partner, resulting in said partner having a limp or mild bruising.
"Why is Shelbie walking funny?"
"Jeff gave her a good dickening after the party last night."
by SemenSponge June 15, 2014
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Similar but differing slightly to the term 'twat', a Dickens is a pompous and awkward bastard who will go out of his way to needlessly berate his fellow man. Owing to the Dickens' overinflated sense of self importance the term is almost exclusively applied to ex public school boys. Often a Dickens will have been subjected to repeated bummings as a choir boy resulting in frequent pegging throughout his adult life.
Person A: That bloke just called me a pleb!
Person B: Don't worry about it, the guy is a total Dickens.
by EvanDavisPeggedMe May 07, 2015
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The term originated from Shakespeare's play "The Merry Wives of Windsor," in the 16th century. It is a term used in polite society to mean the Devil! (It has nothing to do with Charles Dickens.) The word appeared in a sentence (although sounding odd in modern day language) "I cannot tell what the dickens his name is my husband had him of."

My mom used to say, with humor, that someone was "full of the dickens!"

Now after researching it, I understand what she meant!
by WordsWordsWords! June 17, 2018
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Lovemaking performed by a dick that is so good it haunts you
Chad gave me a dickening last week and I think I may need to see an exorcist
by Chady Chaderson August 14, 2019
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A complete destruction of all traces of innocence by means of a relatively large dick. Can also destroy other things. Like vaginas and assholes
Wow. Tailor is leaking shit everywhere. Her ass must have seen the dickening last night
by Old dicker January 11, 2017
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Euphemistic expression for the devil. Used in mild oaths.
Also spelt dickins/Dickens.
What the dickens!
Hurts like the dickens!
by Hazazel September 27, 2006
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