University of Torture-- located in either: Scarborough, Mississauga, and St. George (Downtown Toronto).
The best place to experience the greatest ordeal of your life. The epitome of a rape system- U of Torture.
Lectures are a bitch
Homework/assignments are a bitch
The TA's are ALL incompetent (especially for first-year courses)
Exams and studying for it will rape the fuck out of you
U of T is still the shit.
by 12345678910 May 14, 2007
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U of T is a school where people who go think they're going to some legit Harvard privilege school. FYI, mostly everyone gets accepted for their undergraduate programs on account of how shotty they are. TOTAL money grab!

The people are snobs who *think* they're smart (and also think that they'll get in to an Ivy League, but then find out that they have to settle for YORK for their graduate... LOL LOSERS).

The professors don't give a shit, you're a number, and the T.A.s smell like dog doo doo. You know that show Disaster Date? Ya, the University is exactly the same. You THINK you know what you're getting in to, and then you find out that you were set up by the world to be a complete failure.

The graduate level/phD are REALLY what counts, yet still... who would go to a cold campus, when they can go to a warmer location like UBC for just as equally good of an education in LAW?

Money grab, money grab, money grab.

If you want a SUCCESSFUL undergraduate degree in the biggest city in Canada *lol*, then go to Ryerson. People are open-minded, you can get in to pretty much ANY Ivy League (as long as you can afford it) -- Ryerson has an amazing association with UofTs graduate department, go figure --, and the professors know you BY NAME ;) Besides, school is all about kissing your profs ass anyways to get a good recommendation letter!!

and p.s. YES, it's a University.
The fastest growing, in fact.
U of T: "You mean I wasted daddy's money to attend THIS fucking school... and it's not even close to the mall?!?!?!"

Ryerson: "I got an 87% on my final and my professor gave me a recommendation letter, let's go shopping next door!"
by Mister Pixie March 8, 2012
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"Hey, are you going to college or university this year?" "Oh man, I got accepted into U of T" "Wow, cool"
by halcyonguy May 31, 2006
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A university that many people consider a good university but it also has a lot of social justice warriors and crazy feminists.
Crazy U Of T students back in 2013 pulled the fire alarm just because they did not want to listen to a speech by the mens rights activists.
by Sdsr70 October 24, 2019
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To wish bad on someone, instead of saying "I hope he dies" you could say "I dutt on him" or, if you're doing it for shits and giggle, you could say "I dutt on anyone named Samantha."
We D U T T on anyone named Bartholomew.
by canigetauhhhhhhhhanimetiddie December 21, 2017
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It is what we do to Medium Waffle niggas in the war started by meme star @__extendo__
by JayGodly December 20, 2017
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short for "uptake" meaning the action of or capacity for understanding or comprehension.
Jill was a little slow in/on the u t and had to be told what Don's remark meant.

Bill was real quick on the u t of the situation, and knew he would be in trouble if he continued down that path.
by Jefs July 3, 2007
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