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A happily married couple. When two become one.
The way they looked at each other, you could tell they were twone.
by no1apa November 27, 2012
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A phrase that silences participants of a heated or comedic conversation. A joke, line, noise, or story that may have potential to be funny but fails due to its poor delivery or inappropriateness in the given situation. It is unwise to try and defend your statement after it has been "twoned".

A twone is haulted by the trademark phrase, "That was a twone." One may also smirk in disgust or disappointment.

Other variations of the twone: Austy, Jake.
E: You gotta do what you gotta do
by hayleyfell June 04, 2007
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When something has two to one odd ratio.
I won 36 dollars at the racetrack because my horse was rated at twone odds for an 18 dollar bet.
by Poetic Pete July 24, 2009
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