High fashion is having the mindset that to look good you must look the part. Though you must not look different or stand out. Most people use higher class brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Versace etc. These people of a higher fashion might look similar to you and me but theyre not.
by Asslord2269420 October 17, 2015
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Starting a cult to eliminate ugly people by brainwashing followers to believing that the only true beauty is you, so they all seek to achieve ultimate sexiness through body modifications in your image... But you can't have threesomes with any of them... If you do that, then you've fucked yourself...
Braedan: Braedan, Braedan is high fashion...
Braedan: High fashion is Braedan...
by Trashlight December 6, 2014
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A section of Stan Twitter that has an over the top love for models, fashion brands, and fashion designers who work in the fashion industry.
High Fashion Twitter is so mad about Michael Kors buying Versace!
by vsfsforever September 26, 2018
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It's like this; When you go to school and seeing someone where something that they CLEARLY should not even attempt, because you know that person, and that person would never wear that. That my friend, is when the fashion poser comes in effect. They all wear whatever is hip, or "the fab" at the time. Even if it was a part of another style's fashion, it doesn't matter to them. It's not cool until the "cool" kids copy another group's fashion.

1) Guy Harvey:
Oh Guy freaking Harvey. I hope you know half of the people who wear your shirts don't even fish... Or have any idea what tackle even is. To sum it all up. They all just pretend to fish. Props to the original kids/adults who actually DO FISH.

2) Skinny Jeans on GUYS
I know I was made fun of in middle school wearing them, because at the time only girls did. Well what now?! All of a sudden it's "cool" to wear them. Well considering that I wore it before it was cool and how it was okay for people to make fun of me back then. I'd say it's all the boys who were jealous of the Jonas Bros and Bieber.

Can't spell Hollister without "Ho"
'Nough said.
by mynameiship September 27, 2010
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A high school located in nyc-chelsea. Every year there is an industry fashion show where students show off their garments that they constructed. It is mostly all girls and a limited number of boys causing them to act promiscuous to obtain the attention of these so called "boys" half of which are still in the closet others that are clearly out. It has 10 floors but somehow still feels overcrowded. The boys that claim to be straight are usually on the basketball team that almost always loses 70 to16. Cutting in this school is a regular routine for some. Despite of it all it’s the only fashion high school in the country that has fashion design, art, and marketing majors.
high school of fashion industries

student a: "yo lets leave after 7th and go smoke an L in the park"

student b: "word im down then after we can stand outside of jamba juice until 9th pd ends like homos "
by kidd11 July 23, 2009
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also HF Twitter, hft, hftw, hf twt, etc.

A twitter subculture that centers around fashion and style. Within it, people also have varied interests such as couture, deconstructionism, and anti-fashion.
High Fashion Twitter isn't only Westwood and Versace.
by sewagewater June 8, 2021
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