Slang term usually used to describe sawed off, double barreled shotguns which can only hold two shotgun shells at a time. one shell is inserted in each bore, allowing for two shots to be fired in rapid succession before it must be reloaded.
"nigga was sweatin me, so I pulled out my two shot and smoked him"

"I got a nickname for all my guns. A Desert Eagle that I call big pun. A two shot that I call 2-pac...." -- Qadir from the song "nickname"
by odiedodi August 30, 2008
(a.k.a. "2-shot")
Any camera shot that is framed for two people; usually medium from the waist up. Two-shots are often used over-the-shoulder and reverse to cover a conversation between two people.
Okay Robson, set up a two-shot and let's make it snappy! We're losing the light and I wanna hit the In-N-Out before "Lost".
by Jasper Ray January 10, 2006
The feminine version of the 2 beer queer
That ho is such a two-shot thot. I mean, her standards are already pretty low, but get a couple shots in her and she'll start hitting on people as ugly as she is!
by maelstr0m_X1 May 25, 2020
Upon taking 2 shots of an alcoholic beverage of about 40%, (standard vodka) you vomit instantly
Russian: Hey Wilson, SLAM 2 SHOTS
Wilson: Alright, *slams 2 and pukes*
by PaRuski January 13, 2011
this is an expression to cover up for the fact that you're an alcoholic and drink way too much so when people ask you how much you've had you just say two shots of vodka when you've really had the whole bottle.
Ive only had two shots of vodka.
by hecking cool person June 18, 2019
Phrased used to describe a mixed drink that has an absurd amount of alcohol in it.
Dude, why aren't you finishing that drink?

I'm try man, this shit's got two shots of vodka in it.
by Komrade_Krunch June 10, 2019
refering to two shots of ethanol aka beer or hard liquor
As they sat around the bar, they had two shots of corn.
by milissa December 20, 2007