To constantly complain or whine about your pitiful life on twitter which is really not anyone's business. Formed by combining the words "Tweet" and "Whine".
KC: Why are you not on twitter mate.

Ben: Because ninety percent of the tweets i see are just useless twines.

Larry: The world would sure be a better place of people twined less and tweeted more.
by I_amRidoqulous December 21, 2012
The rather obvious portmanteau "shining" + Twitter. To communicate directly via the brain's electrical impulses through Twitter. Reference:
Brain-Twitter project offers hope to paralyzed .
by xrd1 April 23, 2009
A string-like cord of shit that trails after the larger logs have fallen out; is occasionally associated with the likes of diahrrea and occurs most often when diahrrea is present.
"I was taking a massive shit earlier, and I couldn't stand up because of this big anus twine that kept attaching to my poo."
by imperforate_anus January 20, 2013
bro-speak for playing lacrosse.
today i was chillin with my bros when i grabbed my twig and was like “yo ten bucks i can snipe top ched” i hit a little pipe city and the ball flew into my really hot neighbors yard. i went to get it and say i was sorry to my neighbor. i fucked her then went back to ripping twine with my bros. MLIB.
by bromosexual. September 9, 2010
When a attackman hits the back of the net so much the net frays and the twine snaps.
Wow. that guy is shredding twine
by bLoWsKiEs December 18, 2009
laxing it up to the utmost awesomeness, being a bro, and scoring goals while whipping it at 100 mph
dude wanna go lax it up

yeah but i got to warn you, i rip twine so you might as well give up

i like a challenge
by laxbrochillbro April 13, 2011