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When you are pissed at your significant other so you don't communicate with them for twenty four hours.

"Yeah, Ryan wouldn't stop making fun of my leather jogging pants, I think it's time for some twenty four hour ice."
Ryan wouldn't stop making jokes about my sweatpants, so I am putting him on twenty four hour ice.
by Jessi loves Chicago February 12, 2015
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A manner of speaking that combines the words to the point that syllables are being excluded as the words are SLURRED together. This term originated in the 1930's. Appalachian speakers as well as East Coast speakers are known to speak fluent Slurvian. It may be the common string that holds all the accents of the east together. It can also be found in Chicago.
His family in Kentucky speaks fluent Slurvian! They were all: "Widen ya tell me y'alls were comin'? I've been diiiiine to meetcha new wife!"
by Jessi loves Chicago March 29, 2015
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When someone embellishes a story about an experience they had, but the other people who were there quickly call them out in their bullshit.
Adam: "Yeah, these dudes at the bar were talking shit so I broke my beer bottle and threatened to cut them."

Stephen: "No, you didn't. They were laughing at your fedora, so you went to a booth and made fun of them when they were out of earshot. You're such a total Brian Williams."
by Jessi loves Chicago February 14, 2015
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