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a wombo (word combo) of the words rotten and twat, meaning a smelly vagina. Adjective used to describe the girl's vagina or a girl herself with a rude demeanor.
Ex 1:
guy 1: hey man, how'd your date go last night?

guy2: pretty good, up until I went down on her. That bitch was Twatten!

Ex 2:
Guy 1: dude, did you get shot down again?

Guy 2: man, fuck that chick. She's a twatten whore
by Ari Freakin Gold February 21, 2010
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when you have a rotten twat
Dave was going down on Teresa when he suddenly picked up his head and said have you showered lately?? You sure are twatten
by Frangies November 20, 2008
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