the best bitches that ever lived, as if you could outrun them, as if you could fight them off.
"those twatlight babes are totally hot i wish we could be just like them but instead we are creepy paedo creepers" said the twimom.
by rejazz June 18, 2008
The correct term for anyone or anything referring to a vampire who sparkles.
person 1: "Hey look at my new sparkling vampire book"
person 2: "Twatlight???? That's wicked retarded"
person 1: "but...but...he sparkles"
person 2: :"You are such a twatlighter"
by brittonmelanieinc August 8, 2009
What non-fans,'haters', of twilight call stephenie meyers books; a movie about 'vampires' that fan girls overly obsess about.
i dont like reading twatlight because stephenie meyer can't write a good vampire book.
by cuzco01 November 22, 2009
Ignore the below's kinda gay.

Anywho....twatlight is a nickname for that sad pathetic excuse for a book written by Stephenie Meyer. Anyone who wishes to make fun of said pissrag usually references under said name. In summation, the best way to refer to the self-written porno that a pathetic woman who cant find a gay man thats not gay wrote to comfort herself at night. Sadly, the most numerous members of our population, a.k.a. the NORMAL girls, the plain ones who are actually decent, also wind up falling for him because they can identify with the main character, who is obviously said loser author back when she was in high school, and therefore at least in theory, can actually get the shallow hot guy because in "reality" he's NOT that shallow. Hint: HE IS.

In conclusion my dear friends. Twatlight is our word...but feel free to use it. Cuz it's pretty damn awesome and you wish you thought of it. BITCHES!
Moron: "OMG u HAVE to read this book!!!"

Me: "Twatlight? oh yeah, heard of it. read it already. pretty lame porno if you ask me"

Moron: "OMG WTF BBQ"
by Angry BBQ is angry February 22, 2009
A device worn by self-conscious men during sex. It is, in effect, a headlamp worn to blind the partner and illuminate their goodies simultaneously.
"So how was your first time with Ryan?"
"I guess it was okay. He wore his Twatlight so I couldn't see his stretch marks. He said my tits looked great though."
by Maxwellhaus March 19, 2016