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Twatism is the art of being a twat. It is NOT the female vagina in this meaning.

Twatism is a collective term for behavior that makes people a 'twat'.
Man: I hate my colleagues!
Woman: twatism is the word you're looking for. you work with twatism
by Jay9887 April 27, 2008
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Uniquely recognizable phrases and expressions popularized by twitter user @tired_oftrump, whose handle generally includes some form of the word "twat". Including but not limited to "orange shit tit", "go fuck yourself repeatedly with a goddamn cactus", "cuntsicle", and "cockturd". Invariably demeaning to the imposter illegally occupying the White House.
Court threw out an excellent twatism when she posted "For fuck's sake, orange shit tit! Here’s the part where I tell you to go fuck your MAGAt ass self repeatedly with a goddamn cactus, you cuntsicle!"
by Hondo May 07, 2019
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