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When a man (not neccessarily but usually a tech teacher) takes a dildo, (usually made of wood) and sticks it up his ass while masterbating. After coming, the man pulls out the dildo, and then, with a left-to-right motion, whipes it on his moustache.
bradly gave himself a dirty moffatt on the snowday.
by Alejandro Fernandez March 05, 2007

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When pulling up to an intersection with a red light, the driver pulls into an adjacent parking lot to his right, then pulls through the parking lot, and exits through the other exit, effectively completing a right turn, and avoiding waiting at the light.
Juan was going to pick up some chickens for dinner, and got stuck at red light. To save time, he blew through the gas station parking lot, and made a Mexican right turn
by Alejandro Fernandez February 26, 2012

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A security guard; a mall cop. The only weapon they have besides a phone.
I was at the mall, then the flashlight detectives bitched at me for loitering.
by Alejandro Fernandez August 24, 2018

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