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A dramatic, self-righteous tumblr-er who exaggerates prejudice and injustice to victimize themself and tries to make other people feel shitty about existing. Also known as a social justice warrior or sjw, the tumblrina may list ridiculous "triggers" and claim that anyone unlike them has "privilege" and should apologize for being born.

Tumblrinas are also hypocrites, constantly warning people against assuming someone is gender-binary or heterosexual, and then making such assumptions themselves about anyone they talk to.

You know that you're dealing with a tumblrina if you're called "cishet scum", "privileged" or any similar insult that targets your offensive normalcy.

While prejudice is a huge issue, and some words can trigger panic attacks in the severely mentally ill, tumblrinas take these issues and appropriate them to serve their own dramatic agendas.

I have a friend who had gotten to the point that certain words would completely disable them and render them entirely unable to function. THOSE were triggers. So if you have a subject that makes you mildly uncomfortable and you think it's okay to call it a trigger and whine about it on the Internet, FUCK YOU. You have NO idea what a real trigger is. You haven't seen your friend melt down in to a pile of half-shrieking, half-sobbing. You are a little shit who is making it so that people do not take mental illness seriously. So fuck you, fuck your drama, and I hope someday you'll understand the damage you're doing.
Monica loves to tell people how prejudiced they must be because they're white, heterosexual, and cisgender. Everything offends her all the time, and she whines about it on her Tumblr. She's even encased herself in a protective bubble of trigger words that other people have to tag to minimize any discomfort she might feel from having to view anything outside of her tiny, sheltered mindset. What a tumblrina!
by only_original_content March 07, 2016
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An often unattractive, butthurt, and obnoxious female user of the popular site Tumblr.

Someone who complains all day on Tumblr about how oppressed they are by men, when 99% of ranting cases were provoked would be meaningless or of utmost minute significance to the average person.
Guy: Hey you look nice today!

Tumblrina later that night: OMG men are such pigs. I'm tired of being harrassed.

-Next day-

*Guy ignores tumblrina*

Tumblrina later that night: OMG men are such pigs and they just ignore me nag nag whine whine
by Rick_Aterson August 25, 2014
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Tumblr addicted female who is defined by her sensitivities and adherence to popular tumblr feminist opinions and/or trends resulting in undue drama and walls of text.
Tumblrina: "You say that as if us 'fat chicks' don't have any reason to be mad. You say that as if misogynistic slurs and ideas aren't hurled at us. You say that as if we don't receive harassment just because of our body types and gender.. continued"
Spectator: "I didn't know tumblrinas used Facebook too!"
by crush326 January 29, 2014
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A person, more specifically a female who gets easily offended and triggered by things within their natural surroundings. They are usually killjoys, demostrate obsessive compulsive behavior on certain topics. Some could say it's derogatory.
I was at the con with my friend's girlfriend Jocelyn when I said something that caused the inner Tumblrina within her to come out.
by PseudoSpencer February 28, 2017
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A man or woman who immigrated from the now barren wasteland of a social media platform that now is Tumblr and establishes from sheer and utter energy that just radiates off of that particular individual that they are-- in fact-- from Tumblr
Now listen here, Tumblrina. You're not "special" or "Important". No one cares that you came from Tumblr.
by BadAsh42069 September 18, 2019
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