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an acronym meaning "trained to go" indicating that someone has been brought up ready to fight.
"Don't mess with us, we ttg!"
by BeHonestPleaze July 06, 2009
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Time to go. Indicates a desire to leave a specified location.
Ivan: TTG?
Gene: TTG!
Molly: TTG.
Gene & Ivan: STFU, Molly.
by p\/\/nZ0r October 15, 2007
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"Typical Teenage Girl"
In her profile pictures she:
Scrunches her forehead
Has entire Taylor Swift songs as captions
Leans on one hip

She makes facebook statuses calling people out without actually saying their name.

Refers to her favorite things/people as "kind of my life"

Acts tough and/or gangster at times to be cute, or acts like she is a fan of rap
"This is my bestie. She's kind of my life. Fuck with her, you'll fuck with me. Got it?(:"

"An entire Taylor Swift song? Really? What a TTG."
by Jusikah June 21, 2011
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The Thirst Generator. A girl so good looking that she makes men super thirsty.
"Dang, that new girl at work is a TTG!"
by DallasIsTheBest April 24, 2015
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TTG, Telephone Tough Guy, one that talks a lot of smack on the phone but is a pussy in person.
I got a call from Joel, the TTG, he was pretty tough and mean on the phone, but when he came down to work on my computer, he was nice and could not wait to go home to play with his My Little Pony dolls.
by digimack July 17, 2009
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