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Text The Cell. Usually included in people's msn names when they're not there.
(Some guy's personal message): Gone to K-town, ttc. ^^
by Anonymous|7986435| August 23, 2008
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"Toronto Transit Commission"

Toronto's WORST form of Transportation
TTC should really stand for "Take The Car"
by gil September 08, 2004
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Toronto Transit Commission, North America’s 3rd largest transit system. After New York and Mexico City.
"TTC The better way"
"Ride the rockit"
by JN June 12, 2006
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Trash talking circle.

A group of video makers and typers on YouTube. They make videos involving their favorite sports teams and include a variety of different types of people.
He's the best video maker in the TTC!
by Drum Drum Drum February 03, 2011
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Turd Touching Cotton

When someone has to poop so bad that the turd breaks thru the asshole and touches your underwear (but not quite pooping your pants)
Jared had to poop so bad he was TTC'ing. So he found the nearest field to pull a Jared poop.
by Mitchell man May 15, 2008
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