Yo you here the new odd future singe? TTC goes hard as fuck!
by Deadasseriousb July 14, 2016
Text The Cell. Usually included in people's msn names when they're not there.
(Some guy's personal message): Gone to K-town, ttc. ^^
by Anonymous|7986435| August 23, 2008
Girl 1:hey i gtg now. ttyl
Girl 2:kk ttc
by I'm Cool. August 12, 2006
ttc is short for text the cell
" hey sam i have to go, just ttc "
by teebags☼ July 21, 2009
Ttc'ing it will now, and forever, refer to taking the TTC system. It is a VERB. Implied in this verb are definite negative connotations, as generally, most of us would rather walk for miles under a blazing Chinese sun than sit on the filth encrusted nast of the TTC.
"Should we TTC it, or cab it?"
"Cab it, biotch."
by Allison Orr August 30, 2006
"turd touching cloth" - When you're losing the race to the throne, your turd is or seems to be touching your undergarments.
"Thomas, we have got to get back to the house RIGHT NOW. I've already achieved ttc, and I'm about to have this brown baby boy whether we make it or not."
by ppppppppppphhhht December 10, 2007
Guy #1: Hey Broseph, drop down fer a bit!
Guy #2 : nawh man, can't. I'm hanging out with Angela.
Guy #1: d00d why? she's such a bitch. What happened to bros before hoes.
Guy #2: ya sorry brah, but I might get her to TTC!
Guy #1: Whuuts that?
Guy #2: touch the cock ,mangg!
Guy #1: OH! wicked brogurt! good luck!
by d00dmangbrod00d August 18, 2010