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Small town south west British Columbia. Known for fence bowling, and mass numbers of pot heads. "Shit Hawks" roam the streets at night and have a hang out point outside of the central Tim Hortons. Lots of retired people present in the demo graphs.
Lets got buy some pot, and sit in dennison park on a saturday night in Tsawwassen.
by P-Dubz June 11, 2008
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A town located just north of the border to Point Roberts, WA.

In the new millenium, the town decided to spend Canadian tax dollars on palm trees for the growing retiree population, while the local hospital was in dire need of new equipment and expansion.

National Geographic quoted this town as a "strip mall hell" in a 2004 published issue.

It's home to many strung out CEO's and their spoiled teenage children.
My wicked stepmother lives in Tsawwassen.
by pandainabox December 24, 2009
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A rat pack of spineless rich brats that can't fight worth a damn. They are scum. They judge others because they are afraid to judge them selves.
Hey, That candy ass was from Tsawwassen.
by Tylerape October 15, 2005
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A town full of guido Italian fist pumping stoners. Everyone smokes weed here and beats up Ladner kids in their spare time
Just go to a Tsawwassen party and get baked
by Swagmar December 29, 2011
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