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I was instant messaging a friend last night when she tried to say that she is misspelling a lot of words because she could not type tonight. But instead of typing "I can't type", she typed "I can't trype". I instantly saw this needed to be a word to describe the action of struggling to type a message. Therefore "trype" is to defined as trying to type.
Sorry I sent you the wrong address to the party in my e-mail. Trype.

I didn't mean to say I was married. Trype.

Whoa. Meant to say I like you, not I love you. Trype.
by Wordsmith Walker May 24, 2009
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Three people who are best friends forever, a friendship completely full of love and honesty, with God at the center of their friendship. Often involves beautiful people.
Katie, Samantha and Tina are so tight...they're practically Trype!
by Nibs123 July 15, 2010
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She meddles in a lot of peoples business, always stirring up drama . One day she going to get what is coming to her for being such a Trype.
by TheGreatGambini February 06, 2018
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