Derogatory term for a contractor who has minimal skill, experience and equipment. Trunk slammer implies the contractor works out of their car trunk, with no office or licenses and they will likely be difficult to find if the client is not happy with the work.
My neighbor hired a trunk slammer to build his house deck, and now we are laughing at the unfinished disaster that he spent so much money on.
by two bits July 22, 2009
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A person who talks like they are great at a sport or activity but in reality he/she is below average and/or very bad at the respective sport or activity.
Carl tells everyone about how good a golfer he is, but the players at the club refer to him as a trunk slammer.
by Chaz Kornegay June 16, 2007
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Derogatory term for tourists or anybody out of town . Who comes to Northern Michigan to vacation...typically they also known as cone suckers , flat landers and merbs......they are a particularly rude bunch and expect service and immediate attention because they are "spending their money in our shitty little town and we should be grateful" no shit an actual quote from a female trunk slammer
Awe day weekend is upon us... the trunk slammers are headed your way...prepare yourselves
by Willie shaverpus May 28, 2022
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Old southern term used to describe outsiders who came into the south to take advantage of those in need during the civil war, much like carpet baggers. The meaning is corrupt, of falsity, to initiate financial demise.

It's very important to point out that the newer IT definitions borrowed this word well after its origination. In the top cases of the usage I've seen on this site, the meaning is obscured, if not lost.
My Daddy got his shotgun out to take care of the trunk slammer salesmen. We don't need another carpet bagger around here.
by leisa a December 6, 2018
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At Norfolk, a trunk slammer usually pulls in on two wheels touching the ground still in work suit with 5 minutes to tee off. Ignoring the red light on the fairway warning system to walk across the course and stepping on the 1st tee without checking in with pro.
by Big Cat 68 July 14, 2020
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One or more people that show up at your house to do a job and have a car full of tools and tools in the trunk and they don't do the job well and you have to pay someone else to do it
1. Those trunk slammers,( see above definition), really did a job alright after them I had to pay double to fix what they broke and then the real job. 2. I told you not to hire trunk slammers for this job you fired.
by Rhedder October 5, 2023
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