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when you simultaneously are outraged at injustice, saddened by hate, and laughing at stupidity.
Eric read the latest executive order and immediately felt trumpatized.
The latest press conference left Sandy feeling trumpatized.
by revfish February 03, 2017
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Being traumatized by the sheer stupidity of Donald Trump, and the people voting for him.
"What has happened to America? Why are these people supporting this idiot Trump guy?" said Becky.
"I'd be so trumpatized if he actually manages to become president." Cindy replied.
"I'm moving to Canada." Becky responded.
by Fancy ass hoe101 September 07, 2016
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Trumpatized: The sudden sense of despair one feels upon realizing that Donald Trump is still president of the U.S.
Trumpatized: When I learned the orange buffoon had access to the 'nuclear button,' I felt tumpatized.
by Not a Trumptard January 31, 2018
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