to hold and shake your stomach, from the movie "goonies"
did you see Cedric the Entertainer do the truffle shuffle after the show?
by spltbird November 25, 2002
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When a male pulls his top up and wiggles making an uuuuuuuugggggghhhh noise. First done in The Goonies
First you gotta do the truffle shuffle
by Girlsworld246 February 11, 2016
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Movement of the belly area of a rather large body size. i.e. anything bigger than a chunky person. And saying some sort of incoherent chanting. Without the use of syllables
Oh my god. Jereamiah is running around doing some crazy screaming. It must be the truffle shuffle!
by James Lopo August 20, 2003
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When you got a fat ass friend named Rick and you slap that fat ass neck and his whole body jiggle.
Do the truffle shuffle or some shit.
by allen Mitchel November 15, 2016
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The act of a fat person shuffling their jelly rolls
“Do it chunk” “right now” chunk:(sigh)ok(jiggle jiggle)(truffle shuffle)
by The wise ninja April 10, 2018
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Having regretable sex with a crazy, clingy, predatory woman if only for the sake of getting some.

Think about how you got caught up with the aforementioned type of woman. Chances are, one of your friends might have been tossing the truffles to you to save their own ass.

But hey, truffles are good food. Why let good food go to waste?
Stan: Patty sent me a text saying that she wants my dick.

Kevin: Damn! I don't know. She's pretty crazy. I'd be careful if I were you.

Stan: I'm probably gonna hate myself later, but I'm gonna bite my lip and do the truffle shuffle with her.

Kevin: Good luck and god speed you, you stupid bastard.
by Ringo the Dragon December 8, 2011
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When your fucking a girl and transfer from the ass to the pussy
So I was fucking a girl last night and I pulled off the truffle shuffle
by Foreskin parachute December 12, 2016
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