An eco-vehicle, actually an electric bus powering from overhead wires with the trolley poles delivering the power.
Helen likes to travel by trolleybus.
Take trolleybus route 7 to the railway station.
by trolley.813 June 16, 2018
1. A public transit that is basically a streetcar, but on the regular road and is powered by two wires using two trolley poles. This transit is extremely popular in post-Soviet countries.
2. A person who likes public transit and often trolls people on the internet
1. Trolleybus is superior to electric battery powered buses we have today.
2. John: Say kid Niart backwards and I'll give you 100 robux
Alex: Train dik
John: We do a little trolling
Alex: What a trolleybus!
by ThatTrainAnimationH8er February 6, 2022
A bus/tram hybrid, basically a bus with cables that reach electric wires above the road.
It is one of many post-soviet countries' symbols, that also somehow made its way to some American cities.
Today, though, many countries replace them with electric buses.
"I was travelling on a trolleybus when one of its cables suddenly disconnected"
by Lanxtot April 27, 2021
ifunny .co/picture/tag-a-friend-and-if-they-dont-respond-um-minute-Na4ojfUF7
Spoiler: "Tag a friend and if they dont respond um minute they owe you a New Flyer Industries Electric Trolleybus E40LFR with a Škoda 19 ML 3550 K/4 Motor and a Lumitator Horizon LED Destination Sign set at 16 ARBUTUS"
by zenvio January 11, 2022