In the game of Beerpong when a team is "blacked out", loses a game without making a single one of the opponent's cups. The losing team must sit under the beer pong table for the subsequent games until they grab a ball that goes off the table. Like a mythical troll sits under a bridge.
"Hey have you seen Emma and Tyler?"

"Yeah, they're under the table bro"

"WOW, if they got blacked out they deserve to play Troll!! haha"
by T-Hop209 September 27, 2011
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verb. The act of hiding all of someone's possessions when they leave their desk unattended for a moment, then laughing at them as they search for them. Most popular in high schools.
by TheStuffedBeaver March 16, 2010
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Marius guy from that random haked computer
Person 1: What the hell is that person drooling over a computer!?
Person 2: Yeah he's Marius troll, just ignore him.
by ThatRandomDudeGuy April 25, 2013
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One who engages in acts during multiplayer online games that bother other gamers. Such acts may include but are not limited to: trapping a strategically placed teammate in an FPS until the enemy kills them, modding a game to gain an unfair advantage, and/or making disruptive sounds intended to inhibit concentration on gameplay. Some may do it for the lulz, but most are of the "misery loves company" type.
Player 1: That was a great match we just had.
Player 2: True, but you did see those two boosters and the noob with the pro kill/death ratio, right?
Player 1: Yeah. I've already reported all three trolls to the game developer (and the console's moderators).
by Semper Paganus June 09, 2013
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Someone who lurks forums and image boards looking to begin arguments over trivial issues and cause frustration to others.
A troll is someone who feeds of the frustration and anger of others over the internet.
by Destroyer of the Worlds. October 25, 2010
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Some-one who disrupts internet forums and topics of discussion with something totally of topic to get a response and then hijack the forum status or topic with something that usually leads to an argument and pages of endless discussions which annoys normal people who don't give a crap
Ignore the dumb troll he wants a response click his message as spam

By replying to the troll you're only encouraging him and more trolls to come along
by Harry69 March 20, 2011
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