similar to true dat or word -- an expression of agreement
"Yeah, sure, it sucks, but seriously she should have dumped that tool LONG AGO."

by John Hawkins December 19, 2005
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A word used in agreeance. It may also take the place of the word "truth" in specific situations.
"Damn fool that chic was bangin'"
by Call me Beau Jangles January 02, 2006
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To Triz means to punch someone in the ass while making love to them. Like a donkey punch, but you aim for the ass!
While I was fucking this guy in ass, I meant to Donkey Punch, but I missed and I Trized instead.
by Closet Nerds October 07, 2013
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Generally used in conjunction with either 'train' or 'hotel' as a means to establish total domination. After meaning is firmly established, 'triz' can actually be dropped from the term, which will then be left simply as 'train' or 'hotel'.
1.Franklin's earnings spread for this quarter ran the Triz Train all over everyone working out of the North of Boston regional sales office.

2.Donovan set up Triz Hotel at the health spa with a new record of 19 hours, 37 minutes on the eliptical machine.
by Stonehouse 5000 June 21, 2005
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