What you say when someone fails, or falls down. A variation of pwned, owned, smoked, burned...ect.
by kokenjr January 18, 2005
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The governor was tripped up by state budget because damn Californians vote like 12 year olds.
by iopq July 11, 2004
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Making a big deal out of something. (similar to tripping. like, why’re you even tripping about that.)
we didn’t even date, so why the trip up?
by SadSongRy February 18, 2018
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To hit up a girl for sex; To have crazy, nasty or exotic sex with a girl and then tell your friends the next day that you triped that up last night.
Jeff asked Dustin if he trip it up last night?
by Dirty "D" July 28, 2006
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Trip up a midget month is from November to December it so you can annoy your small friends
She is really annoying me
Go trip her up, it’s trip up a midget month
by Penis1568 November 19, 2020
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