Three penises or objects that exemplify penises, such as dildos, in one anus.

It is physically possible to achieve naturally ( without the use of toys ) but has rarely been attempted in pornography, certainly not in the mainstream.

However, triple anal penetration with the use of two penises and one dildo has been done, notably by female porn star Sandra Romain, twice.
Cindy tried triple anal with her boyfriend and two dildos

Samantha had Frank and Derek sexually penetrate her anus at the same time, and also added a dildo into the mix

Somehow, some way, Jessica got three men to fit their erect penises into her anus all at once.
by Bill Abnovsky July 4, 2008
The term "Triple Anal" was originated in Birmingham, AL. When a sorry ass excuse of a guy that does web sites for t-shirts and beer swears that he caught his ex-wife in bed with 3 well-endowed african-american men. Yet after further research, it was discovered that in fact, HE was the one taking on the 3 african-american men and his wife discovered him in the comprising position. From that point on, it is permissible to insult somebody by saying that they enjoy "Triple Anal". Please refer to douche bag for more info.
Mike rather enjoys the partaking of the Triple Anal.
by Brad Reed March 16, 2007
The insertion of three penises or dildos, or either combined, into the anus simultaneously.

Has been performed once successfully on mainstream pornography by Sandra Romain in the hardcore flick "Tournante" aka Tournament of Sex. The camera angle is somewhat off, however for the brief period of time, it is one very hot position. mmm 3 cocks in 1 ass!
That whore of a bitch sandra romain did triple anal successfully!
by The Horny Guy October 3, 2009
Exactly as the term suggests, having three penises, or dildos inserted into an anus at one time.
Regina: "There are rumors about porn star Ginger Banks doing TRIPLE ANAL❗"

Mallory: "OMFG, how is that possible❓"

Regina: "Uh... Lube, Libations, and Loose sphincter ❗❗❗."
by Slut4u August 29, 2019
The act of inserting three (not two or one, this is very important to remember) fists into your partner's anus. Please note that this partner can be male or female. Also note that it is highly recommended that the individual receiving Triple Anal Fisting treatment should wipe before hand.
A man had a scratch deep within his anus that could only be cured with the force of three different fists, thus reaching the state of Triple Anal Fisting.
by VixDix February 24, 2015
Noun: The act of cleansing the anal cavity three times to ensure maximum cleaning. Step one: Insert soapy finger into anus to remove gunk, then rinse. Step two: Insert soapy finger into anus to remove leftover gunk, then rinse. Step three: Insert soapy finger into anus, observe to make sure finger is clean, then rinse. Please note that if the finger is not clean after performing step three, it may be necessary to continue repeating step three until finger shows no traces of brown.
"I don't feel fresh and completely sanitized until I've done my daily triple anal cleanse."

"There's no way my dick is going into your skanky ass until you've a done a triple anal cleanse!"
by J-Wi June 15, 2010
When three penises penetrate one anus at the same time.
The asshole was left with a cavernous gape after the Triple-stuff anal; one could hear echoes inside it.
by ExtremeMonstercockAnalRaped January 7, 2011