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A trinket is basically the feminine word for a 'tool'. The dictionary definition of a trinket is "cheap, showy jewelry", which is the same way you can describe a girl. A trinket is a girl who's just arm candy. She's hot and she knows it. But often, she doesn't have much else going on for her besides her looks. Usually a ditzy girl, she's the flirt of the party wearing the skimpy clothes catching the attention but for all the wrong reasons.

Trinkets are often easy.
Did you see Tara? She's such a trinket with her fake tan and fake nails, trying to fit in with all the guys. She's just arm candy, nobody would really take her home to meet the parents.

"Did you see what that girl was wearing? She's barely leaving anything to the imagination. Not to mention, she's so ditzy, she didn't even understand the jokes people were saying"
"Yea, she's quite the trinket"
by dollamakesmeholla September 16, 2012

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A Jr. High or younger aged boy who already is growing into the definition of a tool and has tool-ish qualities. He's that popular guy with not much going on for him besides sometimes his body or looks and smooth guy personality, but he'll be that buff guy who plays beer pong all day and most of the time womanizes the ladies. Also known as a tool in training.
"My Jr. High sister is crushing on this guy Joey"
"Joey? Have you seen that kid? He's a tiny tool. Definitely no good for your sister"

That kid with the Justin Bieber hair with all the little girls around him.
by dollamakesmeholla October 14, 2012

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