1. n. A comment so dumb that it defies logic. Usually humorous as well.

2. n. A person who makes ridiculous statements with all the confidence in the world.

Based on the Character of Joey Tribbiani from Friends
1. I posted the worst tribbiani on twitter and now I'll have to delete my account and start over from scratch

2. You're such a Tribbiani, I can't believe you just said that out loud.
by Neidermeyer April 22, 2016
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Joey (short for Joseph) Tribbiani is a fictional character on the show Friends. He is not very smart but he is surely a loyal and loving friend. He seems like a perverted womanizer but he is well-intentioned. Joey has a childish side and gets grumpy often but it just adds to his cuteness. Both his eyes and smile are so wide and just a look at him will definitely make you smile . Joey is not that tall but he has strong masculine features which makes him highly attractive and good with the ladies.

Joey has a catchphrase that he uses while smirking to grap women's attention : "how you doin?". His very deep voice adds even more sexiness to the catchphrase.
Example 1:

Friend : "Joey Tribbiani is on T.V."

Me : "OH LORD look at that cute smile , it just melts my heart."

Example 2:

Me: *just in the kitchen making coffee*
Me: *remembers Joey*
Also me: *smiles* HE'S JUST TOO ADORABLE
by Arwalovestøp November 8, 2019
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The greatest character in television history popularized on the classic television show Friends.

1)n. a senseless act of stupidity
2)n. making an absurd sexual advance
3)adj. an expression of great confusion
1,2. He just pulled a Joey Tribbiani.
3. The look on his face was that of Joey Tribbiani.
by Bam May 23, 2004
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