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low- or dirty-minded

glancing at the idea that a person's mind is in a muddy trench, with connotations of both trench-foot and a degenerate's trench coat
When he said that a slip of the return key halfway through typing "milfoil" in an internet search would transform an invasive aquatic plant into a filthy acronym, his friend laughed and said, "Trenchy minds think alike!"

He replied, "Stop right now! I don't want to hear any jokes about olives, whales, sunflowers, safflowers, or corn."
by Elsinore Sexton June 19, 2011
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Person 1: Heh, did you see that trenchy girl, over there?

Person 2: Yeah, her bad music taste and giant trench coat kind of gave it away.
by OhHaiAshurii March 31, 2009
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