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A clichéd character in a story, movie, anime, or whatever who wears a black trenchcoat and has long hair of any color. Trenchcoaters always are mysterious loners and have no pasts. Their names comprise of either some "badass" name like Deathbringer, some gibberish, Japanese sounding name like Kajimaru (usually there is "maru" at the end), or both. They almost always carry katanas and have mastered them all through their 15-17 years of living and often carry machineguns or other heavy weaponry. Usually they are very uninteresting and stupid.
12 year old kid: The main character of my story "CRIMSON TIDES OF DEATH!!1" is a mysterious loner with no past named Vincent who carries a katana, a nuke, and a machinegun! IM GONNA TRY AND GET TIHS PUBLISHD
Other person: Your character is a trenchcoater. I can already tell your story's gonna suck.
by Mesveble August 31, 2006
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Slang for people who wear trenchcoats 24/7 in place of actually trying to arrange a decent outfit.

Plural: trenchcoaters
"Tech and Strider are fucking trenchcoaters, and so is their hoe, Arina."
by J0sk0r Rosk0r November 04, 2004
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