A clichéd character in a story, movie, anime, or whatever who wears a black trenchcoat and has long hair of any color. Trenchcoaters always are mysterious loners and have no pasts. Their names comprise of either some "badass" name like Deathbringer, some gibberish, Japanese sounding name like Kajimaru (usually there is "maru" at the end), or both. They almost always carry katanas and have mastered them all through their 15-17 years of living and often carry machineguns or other heavy weaponry. Usually they are very uninteresting and stupid.
12 year old kid: The main character of my story "CRIMSON TIDES OF DEATH!!1" is a mysterious loner with no past named Vincent who carries a katana, a nuke, and a machinegun! IM GONNA TRY AND GET TIHS PUBLISHD
Other person: Your character is a trenchcoater. I can already tell your story's gonna suck.
by Mesveble August 31, 2006
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Slang for people who wear trenchcoats 24/7 in place of actually trying to arrange a decent outfit.

Plural: trenchcoaters
"Tech and Strider are fucking trenchcoaters, and so is their hoe, Arina."
by J0sk0r Rosk0r November 5, 2004
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the act of showing ones privates to another person or a group of people thru the use of a trench coat.
After drinking tonight lets all go trenchcoating and see how many people we can upset.
by seafood March 6, 2011
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A knee to ankle length jacket that repels rain and human beings. In a cultural example of Batesian mimicry (that is, a non-venemous species evolving to resemble a venemous one), you don't even need an actual concealed weapon underneath.
My trenchcoat keeps people from fucking with me. I still carry a blade too just in case.
by nothingsnecessary November 21, 2012
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School shooting, usually used ironically to threaten another person. (Not used for actual school shootings) Reference to school shooter attire; it is common to picture school shooters in trench coats.
If you don't stop calling me gay, I'll trenchcoat your ass.
by IronyClad October 18, 2018
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To make oneself appear badass on the internet, particularly through the use of an internet-trenchcoat.
One who trenchcoats.
To have the quality of a trenchcoater.
Man, that guy on *random RPG* is always trenchcoating up the place. He really needs to get a new description.

"A man in a tattered trenchcoat with the lapels raised to cover his face. All you can see are the lit coals of his cigarette. A shotgun is attached to his back. Everyone knows not to mess with this guy."
by Shishkeberry October 7, 2006
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1. Generally a long coat (down to the knees), that can come in a variety of styles and/or colors; can be worn over a sports jacket and tie during cold weather.
2. A ratty long black coat worn by a 14-year old social outcast pretending to be a Goth, or who wants to freak everyone in his school out by making them think he's a psycho killer. The wearer will be KO'd in the hallway sometime during the second semester.
The trenchcoat kid claimed he saw Jesus on the wall during detention this morning; someone oughtta knock the crap out of that little fuck.
by Bobby Ganoosh November 10, 2003
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