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A person who lives in a wooden house but who does not want you to live in a wooden house, and who does criminal acts to prevent more wooden houses from being built.
Morris is a tree hugging liberal who burns down wooden houses that are under construction.
by Joao Bufamarillo May 14, 2005
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A term often associated with the modern day hippie.
People who consider themselves tree hugging liberals are often considered to be.

- Pacifist
- Environment Friendly aka Treehugger
- Vegetarian or Vegan
- Progressive or Liberal
If you're a tree hugging liberal, you support the green party or extreme liberals like ralph nader. If you don't, you're a fake.
by section31 December 01, 2004
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This is one of the biggest myths.These bourgeois environmentalist liberals only hug trees for photo-ops as political opportunism , or to ease their own conscience.They don't give a fuck about the environment or about minorities or about anything.Anyone who does like trees will vote Republican since most rural people and farmers are Republican and most hunters and fisherman are Republican.The Democrats want to outlaw hunting and fishing and guns! They say that guns kill people! They say that fish have feelings and even souls.They say it's bad to kill animals but they have no problem aborting babies.The Democrats are usually well off , often millionaires or billionaires or wealthy celebrities and the ones who aren't wealthy celebrities are still usually well off enough to go to college to learn how to DATE RAPE women or how to PROTEST the good things in life as taught to them by their meme-spewing,agitprop-proselytizing , commie-hippie professors!!!!
The tree hugging liberal is the enemy of trees.They are all rich and are into the arts and culture and big city shit like museums and broadway plays.They support gays and gangs and call anyone who thinks differently than them a "redneck" or inbred hick when in reality the Democraps started the KKK and also most of the major wars,and they've had an awful lot of hick-arse,inbred hillybillies elected president.So go drink your Billy Beer and reminisce about when "Bubba" was president.Or when Jimmy Carter was president and couldn't pronounce "nuclear" properly either.Stop being such goddamn hypocrites and just shut the fuck up for once.Look,Bubba was just a semen-stain on the history books so fuck that guy.
by piss the fuck off assholes November 09, 2005
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