Has got to be the most Toxic type of internet culture on reddit. Worse than Twitter Cancel Culture and Donald Trump! People in hate culture tend to leave hateful comments on a particular game, movie, tv show, book .etc, and will send death threats or dox the person who likes it.

They think they're "trendy" because they hate on popular stuff

Let's say you like Fortnite and reddit dosen't. You express your positive opinion on Fortnite, It all goes wrong as a bunch of incel neckbeards start leaking your address and IP. You're Doomed.

I'd say, stay away from hate culture. Don't listen to the internet telling you what you can and cannot like.
I wish Reddit wasn't full of hate culture

This is what people who are part of hate culture look like
by Maya Butreeks April 7, 2021
A faction within the American Conservatism that listens to rigt wing Radio and television pundints. Unlike most right wing tv/radio listeners these conservatives are motivated by political radio to epxpress hate and intolernace against those who disagree with them.

The Right wing Television/radio pundents that advocated this culture of hate use God’s and Jesus’s names to justify oppression, ignorance, and spread falsehoods as if they were facts.
After Bob started listening to radio/tv shows that promoted the Conservative Hate Culture, he started to be less tolerant of other peoples point of views.
by ????^_^???? October 17, 2006