The smoke after hot-boxing a room or car.
"Don't you let out that Antidote" - Travi$ Scott
by NEYMAR JUNEYOR September 6, 2015
Weed also known as gas.Can be blow out the window.
Dont you open up that window. dont you let out that antidote.
by Antidote Musty September 18, 2015
Healing Substances for noobs
That noob got owned heres the Antidote
by G Fillas June 26, 2004
this is something that is always the solution to what ever issue you may be having. cotton mouth? a liquid is the antidote. red eyes? eye drops. new pack of pods? antidote
friend 1: hey bro i haven’t hit a juul in like 10 mins sauce me it

friend 2: yeah man this is the nicotine withdrawal antidote
by fuckalight March 2, 2019
Something that acts the opposite of Viagra.
1. An ugly woman.
2. Your wife after putting on a bunch of pounds and/or years.
3. When you're having sex and she says or does something to kill the mood.
Damn is she ugly... a real Viagra antidote, man!

He: "oh, yeah... almost there, baby!"
She: "remember you said you'd paint the kitchen tomorrow" or "hurry up, my TV show is on"
He: "crap, forget it, you just gave me a Viagra antidote"
by capryl July 4, 2013
The Antidotes For Nanyll-imbonotics are as followes:
2) Colonoscopy
3) Sex With A Male Donkey (preferrably from Brazil)
4) Immideate injection of a 20-ounce dose of ibuprofin
5) Streak on A Soccer Field During A World Cup
6) Bathing in 50 Gallons of pure salt
7) A severe bite to the leg from a Spidermonkey
8) Insertion of Fish Eggs via the ear
9) Removal of The penis
10) Removal of Appendix
The Antidotes For Nancyll are very strange, but they work!
by 7'1'' George Washington December 23, 2007